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Obsidians from different quarries have different chemical compositions Experimental stage. Can be applied to material up to 100,000 years old, beyond time range of radiocarbon dating. Order of strata from bottom to top represents temporal order of their deposition from oldest to youngest.

Bone preservation has enormous effect on apparent ages. Depends upon the accumulation of nuclides at/near surface of rock when exposed to cosmic radiation. (Below, older)Layers get shifted- primary or secondary context?? Sequence comparison-Age assignment for a site or sequence of artifacts based on comparisons with a sequence of known relative or absolute age-Assumes that process operating at undated spatial location are the same as that at the dated spatial location, or that the locations are connected.-How reliable is dating method? -Assumes no time lag in between the two similar sites.-CROSSCHECK EVERYTHING! -Some sequences cannot be cross dated based on sedimentary, soil, biostratigraphic or cultural similarities.

Reliability of age: reliability of technique and association How to know full or absolute age in years before present of different parts of the sequence. Assignment of an age to a physical remain based on direct analysis of that physical remain.

Reliability of age = reliability of technique Two artifacts are buried at the same time within the same archaeo.

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Artifacts, features, or structures dated at a particular site have somehow to be related to the historical chronology, perhaps by association with inscription referring to ruler of time.

Though this subject is somewhat complex and intricate, this reviewer found the text straightforward and easy to read.' Choice (May 1998) `This will be a standard reference work.' Antiquity (March 1998) `The book is well suited for archaeologists, dating specialists interested in techniques with which they do not directly work, and advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students in archaeology and Quaternary studies.

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Different aspects of bone has also different racemization rates. Measure of systematic error and refers to the "closeness" of a chronometric estimate to the true age-Think a bulls-eye.

The closer it is to the center, the more accurate it is.-You have to know the true age…

Earth's magnetic field is constantly changing, iron particles take up permanently the earth's magnetic direction at time of firing clay structures.