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After Ma recovers, she and Jack move into an independent living residence, where they begin making plans for the future.

Ma's growing independence conflicts with Jack's desire to keep her for himself, just as they used to be.

A week after Jack's fifth birthday, Ma learns Old Nick has been unemployed for the past six months and is in danger of losing his home to foreclosure.

Feeling certain that Old Nick would kill them both before letting them free, Ma comes up with a plan to get Jack out of Room by convincing Old Nick that Jack is deathly ill.

Because it is all he has ever known, Jack believes that only Room and the things it contains (including himself and Ma) are "real." Ma, unwilling to disappoint Jack with a life she cannot give him, allows Jack to believe that the rest of the world exists only on television.

Ma tries her best to keep Jack healthy and happy via both physical and mental exercises, keeping a healthy diet, limiting TV-watching time, and strict body and oral hygiene.

Some people bring in their own gowns, but if you are going to bring your own gown in, we prefer it to unbutton so that you can have access to the IVs and things if you had to go back for a c-section.

Ashley: So basically when you first come into the room, we have you change into a hospital gown.

The two are taken to a mental hospital, where they receive medical evaluations and a temporary home.

And then when we get your labs back, then you would be a candidate for an epidural. Let's just say I've been hooked up and I have an epidural. So we keep the baby on a continuous monitoring and we are going to monitor your blood pressures at least every two to five minutes for the first 20 to 30 minutes of your epidural to make sure that your vital signs are stable. With my first pregnancy, when I – when it came time to push, it kind of got exciting in there. Shanon: Generally, how long is a woman pushing for? It gets a shot of vitamin K to make the blood thicker so that the baby won't bleed in the brain or anything. Just keep in mind that your hospital might have a slightly different procedure when it comes to labor and delivery, so maybe you'd like to check with them to see if you can do a tour of the hospital ahead of time.

The blood pressure hooks up to here, so this is what'll be connected, and it registers up on the screen. Moritz: Right, so it depends on if it's her first baby or second baby. And it also gets some cream in the eyes in case there's gonorrhea or chlamydia.

Old Nick is found and faces numerous charges of abduction, rape, and child endangerment that will likely lead to 25 years to life in prison.

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While in the hospital, Ma is reunited with her family and begins to relearn how to interact with the larger world, while Jack, overwhelmed by new experiences and people, wants only to return to the safety of Room.

And then you also have a button that you can push if you need extra medicine.

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